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E.ON Meter Reader Compensated for Accident at Work

27 September 2010

Whilst working as a meter reader for EON, our client slipped and fell down some stairs, hitting his head on a nearby scaffolding pole. He did not lose consciousness but he cut his head. Following the accident at work, he complained of headaches, dizziness and problems with his memory. Following a review, a neurologist confirmed that the man suffered with post concussional syndrome over a 2 year period. An offer was made to settle the claim for £8000 - to include losses and expenses. Our client was referred to see a neuropsychologist who carried out a number of tests which confirmed that he demonstrated a cluster of symptoms which are known to be associated with a head injury to the left posterior region. He was diagnosed with Gertmanns Syndrome. He also suffered with various cognitive problems following the accident. The symptoms, including fatigue and memory deficits, were permanent. The neurologist did not accept all the neuropsychologist’s findings as Gertmann’s Syndrome is only normally caused by a large impact to the head. The neuropsychologist stood by his findings as he said the client could not have made up the cluster of symptoms which form the syndrome. If the claim had gone to court there was a risk that the judge would accept the neurologist’s findings, valuing the claim at approximately £8000. He had advised that the client could have continued to work after the accident. If the judge accepted the Neuropsychologists findings, his claim for GD was worth approximately £17k and he would be entitled to claim for loss of earnings incurred from the date of the accident until retirement age. With help from our expert accident at work solicitors, the claim settled in August 2010 for £88k, a fantastic result for our client.