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Over £27,000 Awarded to Family Following Death of Child

19 August 2010

Our clients were the mother and father of a newborn child in 2008. Their baby was born with a hypoxic brain injury. The mother and father felt that the birth had not been dealt with properly. They instructed us following the death of their child, just one month after he was born. An MRI scan showed brain damage consistent with birth hypoxia. Over the following month the baby continued to have seizures. There were clear signs that the child had severe cerebral palsy.  He died during his sleep one month after birth. It was our case that the staff at the hospital had acted negligently during the child's birth. A legal claim was submitted by our expert birth injury solicitors to the NHS for pain and suffering, a bereavement award and for psychiatric injury to both parents. The NHS admitted negligence and the claims for all claimants were settled for the total sum £27,500.