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Our Client Compensated Due to Accident at Work

19 August 2010

On the day of the accident at work our client was loading wooden packing cases onto a lorry. To do this our client was using a fork lift truck. As our client reversed in the fork lift truck, the rear single wheel went over uneven, broken tarmac surrounding a manhole in the yard.

This caused our client to lose control of the vehicle, and the steering wheel spun round, resulting in the steering assister hitting our clients forearm with force. As a result our client sustained personal injury. The accident was reported and recorded.

Since the accident, the tarmac in the yard has been repaired.

Our client sustained an undisplaced fracture through the left distal ulna in the work related accident. His symptoms settled after 13 weeks.  With help from our expert accident at work solicitors, this case was resolved satisfactorily.