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Client experiences discomfort due to toxic sofa

01 March 2010

Chris Moore an electrical engineer is among thousands of consumers fighting for compensation after he was sold a sofa that contained the toxic chemical, Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF), which resulted in severe skin problems. Mr Moore, a 41 year old dad of two, bought a leather Javier sofa in 2007 and shortly thereafter, his skin broke out in a painful rash causing layers of his skin to start peeling away. He suffered with this condition for months without knowing the cause, but it eventually became clear that this terrible reaction was as a result of sitting on his sofa, which was one of the many product lines affected by the anti-mould agent, DMF. During his illness, he not only had to live with the painful condition, but also missed time at work, accumulating something in the region of £800 through loss of earnings and prescription charges. Our faulty product solicitors are representing Mr Moore with his sofa rash claim. Mr Moore is one of thousands of claimants who were affected by ‘toxic sofas’ which can cause serious skin, eye and breathing problems. The case continues.