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Great grandmother suffers from sofa burns

28 February 2010

Linda Moran, 60, is one of the thousands of customers seeking compensation for the ordeal she suffered as a result of a toxic chemical used in the production of sofas sold in the UK. Our sofa rash solicitors are representing Mrs Moran as part of the group litigation against three of the retailers who sold the affected sofas – Argos, Walmsley’s and Land of Leather. Mrs Moran, who purchased her three-seat sofa and armchair from Argos, suffered seven months of agony after the anti-mould chemical contained in the sofa – Dimethyl Fumarate - caused a severe reaction, resulting in 80 per cent of her skin erupting in painful blisters and sore. Our client highlighted that the injuries she sustained from the faulty product prevented her from sleeping as she couldn’t sit and wear clothes. The only comfort she could find was from having lots of cold showers and baths, which had caused her skin to become dehydrated. While her symptoms have eased since removing the sofa from her home, the great-grandmother’s skin is now sensitised, causing burning rashes in warm weather. She also still suffers from asthma due to exposure to the chemical. Our expert solicitors are handling this faulty product claim. The case continues.