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NHS Patient Left with Brain Damage & Paralysis

08 February 2010

In a recent medical negligence case Russell, Jones and Walker (now Slater and Gordon Lawyers) helped secure medical negligence compensation for a lady whose husband (Colin Freeman), suffered a stoke following a series of NHS medical errors, which had left him paralysed with long term brain damage.

During Mr Freeman's 10 day stay at the hospital, a catalogue of medical staff errors and hospital procedure failures meant a serious underlying heart infection was left undetected. This condition could have been revealed however the staff had failed to carry out the correct tests. As a result Mr Freeman was left discharged without the investigation being completed.

Still feeling unwell, Mr Freeman was unable to walk and was struggling for breath in a wheelchair. When he returned to the hospital doctors still failed to detect the cause of his illness and in turn prescribed him the wrong medication. Due to the lack of care provided, he suffered a stroke which caused serious brain injury causing long term disabilities. The stroke left him paralysed on his left side, unable to work, suffering from epilepsy and reliant on a wheelchair.

Our expert Medical Negligence Solicitors settled this case allowing our client to receive damages. The compensation awarded ensured that Mr Freeman was able to obtain 24-hour care and adapt his home in relation to the severe injuries he has suffered.