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Maternity and redundancy case in investment bank

20 January 2010

There have recently been a number of high profile sex discrimination claims by women in the City. We recently secured a substantial six figure settlement for a senior female employee at a well know investment bank in respect of her claims for sex discrimination, maternity related discrimination and unfair dismissal, following her "redundancy". Following her return from maternity leave, our client's role was gradually undermined and her responsibilities eroded. A male colleague was then brought in to perform her role, culminating ultimately in her being made redundant. Our client's losses were substantial given her bonus entitlement and the difficulties she would face finding another job in the current market. We issued employment tribunal proceedings, as a reasonable offer had not been made. The Bank strongly defended the allegations, despite the evidence against them, but we took a firm stance and ultimately settled the claim on the morning of the tribunal hearing, achieving a very successful result for our client.