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Cyclist receives £6,250 in compensation due to pothole

14 January 2010

Our client, Mr Atkinson, a cycling enthusiast, suffered a badly dislocated shoulder, after he hit a pothole and was thrown from his bike while cycling. Although the pothole had supposedly been repaired just five weeks prior to the accident, it remained more than four inches deep, posing a significant risk to cyclists.

The injuries sustained forced Mr Atkinson to curtail his cycling and made him unable to drive for two months. Until this day he still continues to experience discomfort in his shoulder. The accident has left him unable to perform simple tasks and hobbies such as driving or playing musical instruments which he should be enjoying in his retirement. As a result this has affected his quality of life.

Our cycling accident solicitors have highlighted that this case illustrates the difficulties of obtaining compensation from Highway Authorities – as they rarely admit liability for accidents involving road defects. This case demonstrates how important it is for cyclists that council’s fix potholes quickly as cycling over a deep pothole can result in severe injuries.  In relation to the harsh injuries our client sustained, RJW solicitors settled this case for £6,250, helping Mr Atkinson receive support and assistance. For more information on this case study view our press release