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Bullying and Harassment at work hindered career

22 January 2010

Our client had suffered from a course of increasingly aggressive treatment when his line manager was replaced with a new line manager. This had the form of demeaning comments and behaviour, and then direct and indirect actions which blocked our client's path to promotion. Our client also found himself undermined by his manager in front of his colleagues and peers, with the result that he started to be treated as the butt of jokes in the office, and he felt that he was treated less seriously than others in the workplace. Our client went to seek the advice of his GP during this period, as he found himself becoming increasingly run down and prone to picking up illnesses. Our client remained committed to progressing in his career however. He worked in a high-pressured environment, where performance was measured by profitability, and he was confident about his ability to generate high revenues. He therefore tried to put the behaviour of his line manager out of his mind. Matters reached a head however, when our client was given an unfairly low performance rating, which would have a knock-on effect on his earnings, and his ability to progress his career. When he tried to challenge the rating, he was belittled by his boss in front of the team he worked for, and then had his major client transferred to a colleague for no reason. He raised a complaint with his senior manager who took his line manager's side and refused to treat the matter seriously. The situation had therefore become impossible, and our client felt he had no option but to resign. We assisted with his formal resignation letter, and subsequently brought a constructive dismissal claim on his behalf. The matter was eventually resolved by means of a substantial out of court settlement.