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Road defect causes man to loose control of his bicycle resulting in a cycling accident

03 November 2009

A claim was put forward by an elderly man who was involved in a cycling accident. Our claimant was riding on his bicycle in Dartford when he suddenly lost control after hitting a defect in the road surface.  The defect consisted of a depression in the road which was deep, and had recently been in-filled however the reinstatement was failing. After five weeks of the accident occurring, the reinstatement had failed completely.

As a consequence of losing control of his bicycle our client sustained a dislocation of his left shoulder joint. He had to wear a sling for three weeks and was unable to drive for two months. The injury affected his ability to play golf, ride a bicycle and even play musical instruments. A settlement was soon agreed on with Kent County Council where our claimant received £6250 in compensation for the cycling injuries he sustained.