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Claimant receives compensation after being hit by a car deliberately

23 October 2009

We have successfully recovered a large amount of compensation for a lady that was injured due to a road traffic accident. Our claimant was parked in a car park when she witnessed a child being knocked off her bike on the main road. She ran over to make sure that the young girl was alright. Whilst she was making sure that the child was ok, the defendant became angry and threatened to run the claimant over in his car. The claimant ignored the defendant’s threats and after making sure that the child was ok walked back to the car park where the defendant drove his car in a speed deliberately at her. The Claimant put her hands out to protect herself and landed on the bonnet of the car.  She then bounced off the car onto the floor and pulled her legs in towards her body as the defendant continued driving towards her legs. The defendant then drove off immediately out of the car park and collided with another car on the main road. Our client suffered many injuries, such as aches in her neck, shoulders and back for up to five weeks after the accident. Her wrists and arms were sore for three weeks and her abdominal wall was tender for a month.  Alongside this her knees were stiff and tender for two months post accident. In addition she suffered some damage to the particular surfaces of the patella of her right knee requiring surgery and was left with permanent symptoms.