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Claimant receives compensation after slipping on lipgloss in Boots store

28 September 2009

In a recent public liability case, our client was going on holiday and was at the airport. She went in to Boots in order to purchase some items and took one step in to the store and suddenly skidded forward, landing on both of her knees and her left hand. She had slipped in a pool of red viscous liquid which was later identified to be a spillage of lip-gloss. The spillage was in the aisle as she entered in to the store and was not removed for about 20 minutes after the accident despite the claimant reporting it immediately to a cleaner and to the store. The holiday went ahead but during the course of her week away the left knee was very swollen and painful and the right knee was bruised. Symptoms substantially reduced our client's enjoyment of her holiday. The bruising to the left leg was extensive, painful and further to this there was a prominent vein at the site of the swelling. The visible vein represented a minor cosmetic deficiency which was expected to persist permanently. Our expert solicitors settled this case for £3200.