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Claimant injured in a road traffic accident awarded £100, 000

08 July 2009

The claimant was injured in a road traffic accident which had led him suffering a significant soft tissue injury to his foot and ankle resulting in an operative treatment.  The accident accelerated a pre-existing degenerative disease in his ankle by a period of two years and the claimant was also suffering with post-traumatic flatfoot deformity that was attributable to the accident. Unfortunately other injuries were also encountered such as degenerative joint disease in the subtalar joint of his foot alongside other ongoing restrictions.  A joint report prepared by both doctors’ states that 50% of the claimant’s current disability is accident related and 50% due to the pre-existing degenerative condition.  The injuries led to the claimant being considered unavailable for operational duties as a police inspector and was subsequently moved to a CCTV position which has since been civilianised.  He was medically retired on the grounds of his injuries and as such, took the role as a civilian within the CCTV Unit.  This led to a significant loss of earnings up until the date of retirement. Once the medical evidence was finalised the case was settled with the defendants; our specialist accidents and injury solicitors pursued a large sum of £100, 000 for our claimant.