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Cyclist receives £775, 000 after suffering a severe collision

13 May 2009

The Claimant was a serving Police Officer cycling along the road when he was struck from behind by a HGV that was being driven by the Defendants’ employee along the same road and in the same direction as the Claimant.

As a result of the severe collision, the Claimant was thrown from his bicycle and suffered severe multiple and life threatening injuries. The Claimant suffered orthopaedic intervention in relation to bony injury, and a laparotomy to check for intra-abdominal bleeding.  He was nursed on the Intensive Care Unit for 8 weeks and underwent a tracheotomy.  He suffered a kidney infection and severe chest infection and was further detained in hospital for over 6 months.  Other substantial injuries were also endured as there was a deep penetration injury to his anus and rectum that bled internally and produced a haematoma in the left buttock and left thigh. The haematoma became infected, causing septicaemia and organ failure. Following this other complications arose whereby further surgery was needed. Several medical reports were obtained, together with care and accommodation reports. The case settlement value was £775, 000 and it is a credit to the Claimant's resilience, and to the devoted care of his wife, that he recovered to retain his sense of humour and his love for life.