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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust pay claimant damages for medical negligence

16 April 2009

In a recent medical negligence case, the Claimant was a 20 year old man who consulted his GP over a lump in his groin in November 2007. The GP carried out an examination and diagnosed a unilateral indirect inguinal hernia and referred him to a Consultant Surgeon. The Surgeon carried out an examination, confirmed the diagnosis and listed him for surgery. The Claimant underwent surgery at Nottingham City Hospital in January 2008. Before the operation he underwent a further examination.

During surgery however it was found that the lump was in fact an undescended testicle and that neither testicle had descended. His true condition should have been noted had any of the 3 examinations he had undergone been adequate. He had therefore undergone an unnecessary operation under general anaesthetic.

He sought damages against the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. There was no response to the claim and the Claimant prepared to issue proceedings. Shortly before issues, the Trust accepted an offer to resolve the claim by paying him damages of £3,500.