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Richard Geraghty Principal Lawyer

Experience Profile

Richard is a Principal Lawyer in the Personal Injury Department specialising in high value and complex injury claims. He has a particular expertise in police health and safety issues. 

Richard is also an advisor to the Police Federation Health & Safety Committee and writes and lectures on the subject. Richard is also very experienced in CICA and social security appeals. 

Richard has particular experience in head injury, fatal accidents, amputation, major trauma, chronic pain cases.  He handles many cases where there are police specific health and safety issues such as personal safety training, public order equipment, methods of entry, rope access and injury caused by police dogs and horses.  

Recent brain injury cases involved settlements of £1.45m, £1.4m, £1.2m and £750,000. 

He has dealt with amputation cases including settlements of £900,000, £875,000 and £450,000. 

Richard has handled a number of fatal accident claims. Recent examples include £355,000 for the widow of a cyclist killed by a lorry which turned left at a junction, and £350,000 for the wife of a police officer killed when her car went out of control when it hit standing water on a dual carriageway caused by defective drains. 

Richard has dealt with many high value cases for police officers involved accidents at work, with notable examples being £225,000 recovered at trial for a police officer who injured her toe on a fire extinguisher used to prop open a door, and £450,000 for an officer who twisted her knee when it became caught between two doormats precipitating a mental breakdown when the injury put her career at risk.  

Other recent police health and safety cases include damages being recovered for multiple Suffolk officers who each sustained hand and wrist injuries when required to punch a punch bag in training,  and an award of £85,000 for an officer who suffered a serious ankle fracture when he fell over 30 feet during rope access training.

Trainee Solicitor at Bond Pearce in Exeter before joining the firm in 1996.  Became a partner in 2002.

Richard studied at Nottingham University, Sussex University and The College of Law.

Member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Richard has written and lectured extensively on the subject of Police health and safety. He also produces a highly regarded health and safety update, Police Health & Safety Matters, circulated to Police Federation officials.  He has also appeared on Sky News, Channel 4 News, BBC Radio and other stations commenting on topics including the CICA scheme and military compensation.