Police Family Lawyers at Slater and Gordon can help with cohabitation issues.

What does the term Cohabitation mean and what are the legal implications?

Sometimes people refer to couples who have been living together over a long period of time as 'common law' husbands and wives. There is, in fact, no such legal status. The law refers to this sort of relationship as cohabitation.

You may therefore wish to agree your arrangements before living together. Slater and Gordon Lawyers advise you upon the issues you should consider and how the Court will view your arrangements.

You may wish to think about matters such as property owned by you or with your partner and how you share your income. You may wish to think about what would happen in the event of your death.

If the relationship breaks down you may wish to know where you stand legally.

Contact your specialist police family law representative for legal advice on cohabitation. We offer free initial consultations and reduced rates for all police personnel.