Asbestos and mesothelioma claims

Asbestos guide for UK expats

Asbestos was widely used in the UK until 1999, meaning that thousands of people, including expats, now suffer from asbestos related diseases. We're one of the UK's leading asbestos compensation specialists for expat claims, with experienced lawyers who could help you on a No Win No Fee basis.

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No Win No Fee asbestos compensation claims

Slater and Gordon is one of the UK's best-known asbestosis compensation legal firms, offering expert knowledge of the disease and the claims process for UK expats. Call Slater and Gordon on +44 20 7657 1555 if you're calling from overseas, or on freephone 0330 041 5869 from the UK, or contact us online to speak to a legal expert today.

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Can expats claim for asbestos related illnesses?

Asbestos related illnesses affect many thousands of people who worked in the UK in the years up to 1999, when asbestos was finally banned. Asbestos related illnesses can take up to 20 years to develop following exposure to asbestos fibres, so many workers are only now becoming ill.

Benefits and one-off payments are available as well as compensation to help those affected - whether you still live in the UK or abroad - and we specialise in helping British expats to claim the compensation and benefits that are rightfully theirs. To find out more and talk to an expert in helping expats to make asbestos illness compensation claims in the UK, contact us today.

Why call us for an expat asbestosis claim?

Slater and Gordon has successfully represented thousands of people who've been diagnosed with an asbestos related illnesses over the years, giving us unsurpassed knowledge of both these distressing conditions and the claims process. In addition to this, we're pleased to offer help and advice on a number of related areas, including how to claim the relevant benefits when you're living as an expatriate.

Which countries can I claim from as an expat?

Over the last 20 years or so, we have represented expats with asbestos related illnesses in all of the below countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Cyprus
  • Malta

However, we can provide help and representation to anyone who has contracted an asbestos related illness while in the UK, wherever you're now living. Speak to an expert solicitor today to start your expat compensation claim and find out which benefits might be available to you.

More information

For more information or to speak to someone about making a claim for compensation for an asbestos related disease, call our asbestos experts on freephone 0330 041 5869 or contact us online. We offer No Win No Fee agreements to all clients who have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease and will not charge any additional fees meaning you'll get to keep 100% of your compensation.

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Meet our specialist asbestos illness team, many of which are considered 'Leaders in their field' with a significant amount of expertise.

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