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Rebecca Cliff


I aim to ensure all clients are listened to, supported and achieve the outcome that they desire during their difficult time.

Get to know Rebecca

I graduated from Liverpool John Moores with a Law (LLB Hons) degree in 2005 and then from LPC the following year.

My areas of expertise are divorce, finances, cohabitation, Children Act issue, and Grandparents contact.

I take pride in my professional yet supportive approach and always have a friendly, proactive attitude. I believe that whilst the law is the same, every case is different and unique. I love being able to help people through the most difficult times of their lives and often be the person that they can really talk to without judgement. To see a client emerge bigger, bolder and better is a wonderful sight to see.

Career highlights

I've previously dealt with cases involving assets in excess of £100 million – which involved complicated off shore family trusts. The cases were dealt with at the High Court due to complexity and QCs were instructed by both parties.


I'm a member of Resolution and am on the Family Law Panel.

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