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Witness appeal - Did you work at Redbourne British Steel in Scunthorpe?

Did you, or someone you know, work at the Redbourne British Steel site in Scunthorpe between 1955 and 1980? If so, Slater and Gordon need your help.

12 August 2021

Newsroom - workman steel factory

We're representing the family of a man who has sadly passed away due to asbestos related condition, asbestosis.

The man worked at Scunthorpe Steel Works (British Steel) at the Redbourne site as a welder between the mid-1950s and 1991, mostly working with old pipework and also on the installation of new pipes. He had to rip old asbestos lagging off the pipes to get to the pipework beneath in order to work on them.

In addition, he also worked in the presence of asbestos laggers, who were mixing asbestos and putting it on the pipes, creating lots of dust in his surrounding environment.

In late 2017, he was diagnosed with asbestosis and pleural thickening and sadly passed away in the summer of 2020.

We're looking for anyone who worked at Redbourne British Steel's site in Scunthorpe between 1955 and 1980 who can provide any information about the working conditions at the site.

If you or anyone you know worked at Scunthorpe Steel Works and would like to help this family, please contact David Dunne on 0161 383 3526 or Ellie Andrews on 0330 995 5925.

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