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Teenager suffers fatal allergic reaction in restaurant chain

After the death of his sister, Shahida, Rasel Shahid and his family sought justice with the help of Slater and Gordon. Watch his story here.

16 August 2021

Shahida Shahid had been struggling with dairy, nut and fish allergies from a young age. On one fateful day, tragically, she experienced her final allergic reaction. After ordering a burger at Almost famous, a restaurant chain, she was mistakenly served a dish which contained her allergens. She suffered from anaphylactic shock and sadly passed away.

Police investigated the incident and her family contacted Slater and Gordon's experts to take legal action against the restaurant. An inquest jury found there had been a lack of communication between the server and chef which led to Shahida being served the meal she was allergic to – a buttermilk chicken burger. Her allergies, although noted on the order, were missed numerous times before and during its preparation. Her death could have easily been prevented.

Rasel, Shahida’s brother, said our legal specialists had been empathetic and passionate about the case. His family received a settlement allowing them to move on with their lives knowing Shahida got the justice she so deserved. Rasel ran a marathon in her name raising thousands of pounds for an allergy charity.

Deaths like these are avoidable. If a loved one has been affected, those responsible should be held to account. Contact our team now for legal advice.

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