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Supermarket worker gets compensation for occupational stress

Our expert industrial disease team acted for a supermarket worker to receive financial compensation for occupational stress.

11 January 2023

Our client

Adam*, aged 25, had learnt of the passing of his mother and took bereavement leave. On his return to work, he informed his manager that he was suffering from mental health issues and that he needed support. Unfortunately, his employer did not take his concerns seriously and Adam took steps to inform his employer of this. A few days later, he was told that he was being investigated as a result of a number of allegations made against him. He was suspended while investigations were carried out.

The process took longer than necessary, and eventually the outcome was that there was no case to answer. Adam was put under this stress despite his employer being aware of his recent mental health issues and his employer apologised for the stress caused by the process.

Shortly after the process, Adam raised a grievance which again took a long time to investigate. This impacted his pre-existing mental health condition. He was also told he was being moved to another store despite advising his employer of the issues he faced in that store and the further impact it would have on his mental health.

How Slater and Gordon helped

Adam contacted Slater and Gordon through his trade union USDAW to purse a claim for occupational stress against this employer. Priyesh Mistry, industrial disease solicitor, helped Adam secure a successful settlement.

Investigations took placed by requesting Adam’s records, including notes taken during the investigation and grievance. It was clear from the papers that there was a delay in the investigation and grievance process. There was clear evidence that Adam had advised his employers of the stress the processes and ongoing issues about moving to another store were having on his mental health.

Professionals known to Adam recommended that he remains in his current store, but the advice was not taken seriously. Adam was assessed by an independent psychiatrist, who diagnosed Adam with a depressive disorder and adjustment disorder. He believed that the ongoing stressors at work should be resolved to help with Adam’s recovery.

Adam’s employer were notified of the allegations and our involvement through a Letter of Claim. Legal Proceedings were served thereafter. His employer wanted to enter negotiations to settle the claim. Priyesh worked hard to achieve the best outcome for Adam. Adam was awarded damages for loss of past earnings and for his ongoing treatment. He was extremely pleased with the resolution of his case which will help him move on.

How Slater and Gordon can help

Occupational stress is a unique and complex area of law. In these situations, we always urge those individuals to not be put off and contact occupational stress lawyers. Our experts work with clients every day who’ve suffered due to workplace incidents and are experienced in investigating and securing compensation in complex claims such as these.

If your employer failed in its duty of care, and you’ve suffered as a result, you have the right to seek justice. Our team of highly experienced occupational stress solicitors can take you through the claims process on a No Win No Fee basis, which means there is no financial risk to making a claim. To speak to an expert today, 0330 041 5869 or contact us online here.

*Our client’s name has been changed for anonymity

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