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Industrial disease

Priyesh Mistry


As a disease lawyer, delivering the best client experience and outcome is just as fundamental to me as is to my clients.

Expert profile of Priyesh Mistry

Get to know Priyesh

I commenced my career in law in 2011 and qualified as a solicitor in 2016 following completion of my training contract. I am now an Associate Solicitor and team leader.

I have specialised in personal injury for the majority of my career and have specific expertise in the area of occupational disease. I specialise in industrial deafness and tinnitus, occupational asthma, repetitive strain injury as well as occupational stress. I have also acted for clients on personal welfare matters, including education law and Court of Protection.

My expertise has helped claimants secure substantial compensation payments on some challenging cases. I believe in achieving the right outcome for my clients and delivering the best service.

I am also a team leader and currently supervise colleagues within the occupational stress team.

Career highlights

I have had many career highlights over the years, and include securing large settlements for:

  • A radiologist who suffered bullying and harassment resulting in psychiatric injuries.
  • A police officer who endured a lengthy grievance process resulting in an exacerbation of a psychiatric injury.
  • A senior technician who was exposed to hazardous substances resulting in dermatitis.
  • A number of clients suffering from noise induced hearing loss, and tinnitus, as a result of being exposed to excessive levels of noise without hearing protection.
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