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Shocking mesothelioma diagnosis 20 years after retirement

Our client was enjoying his retirement after a successful 30 year career in the police when he was diagnosed with malignant peritoneal mesothelioma.

01 October 2020

Our client joined the police as a young cadet and qualified as a police officer a few years later. He soon rose through the ranks and become a superintendent.

Our client had been exposed to asbestos whilst retrieving boxes of files stored in basements near to boiler rooms of the various police stations where he worked and also whilst supervising riot training undertaken twice a year at former MOD buildings.

Our client's symptoms didn't appear until 20 years into his retirement and by this point he was a full time carer to his wife who suffers from severe arthritis which affects her mobility. As his condition worsened with loss of appetite and weight, reduced exercise tolerance, side-effects from prolonged treatment, and the mental stress of his fatal condition, he became increasingly worried about caring for his wife and how he could possibly continue to do so when he too had a debilitating medical condition.

Our client contacted Slater and Gordon and after a thorough preliminary investigation it became clear to us that the best avenue for a claim related to the MOD buildings attended by him and his colleagues for riot training. We based his claim on asbestos dust being released into the air as a result of the use of flash bangs and other riot simulation.

We were very pleased to be able to negotiate a six-figure settlement on behalf of our client, which not only gives him and his family peace of mind and financial security but also, in addition to the financial aspect of the settlement, we were able to secure funding for him to receive treatment on a private basis for his mesothelioma.

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All information was correct at the time of publication.

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