Personal Injury

Injured motorcyclist receives significant settlement

Mike* was riding in the passenger seat of a motorbike when he was hit by a car. He developed several symptoms as a result of his injuries. Read about his story below.

16 November 2021

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Our client, Mike*, a construction worker in his 30s was injured after being hit by a car in Watford. He was riding in the passenger seat of a motorbike at the time and suffered a series of serious injuries. He was left with a head injury, facial bone fractures, a bruised lung, and sepsis, among others. Reports of the incident appeared in several regional news websites.

It would come as no surprise after such a traumatic accident that our client experienced ongoing symptoms afterwards, including memory issues, anxiety, a stutter, and suicidal thoughts. He also required walking aids for his mobility.

Police evidence was required to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident after which car driver's insurers offered a significant settlement which our client accepted out of court. Mike was happy with the result, which left him able to focus on the future and his continued recovery.

*Client’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity

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