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Cycling UK Incident Line

Our Cycling UK Incident Line offers a specialist legal advice service to Cycling UK members who have suffered as a result of a cycling accident.

Female cyclist in white t-shirt and male cyclist in background.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is one of the leading personal injury law firms in the UK with expert cycling accident lawyers. Our Cycling UK Incident Line offers a unique legal advice service to Cycling UK members who have suffered as a result of a cycling accident.

The Cycling UK Incident Line offers the following benefits to Cycling UK members:

Expert lawyers

We have lawyers throughout England, Scotland and Wales who specialise in cycling accident claims and can ensure that not only will you get the best outcome to your claim, but that you’ll get access to the best available treatment and rehabilitation available to maximise your recovery.

You keep all your compensation

It’s usual practice in most law firms to conduct personal injury claims under a No Win No Fee agreement, meaning if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay, but if you do win, you’ll be changed something known as a ‘success fee’ which can be anything, in most cases up to 25% of your compensation. There are also occasions when the full amount of legal costs are not recoverable from the other side. This is known as a ‘shortfall in costs’, and that shortfall can be deducted from your compensation. However, if you’re a Cycling UK member, Slater and Gordon will not charge any success fee or any shortfall in costs, meaning you’ll keep 100% of your compensation.

Please note there are exemptions such as accidents which occur in Scotland, Northern Ireland or abroad, criminal incidents and accidents involving untraceable drivers.

Assistance in claiming for bike damage

Where you haven’t been injured, but your bike has suffered damage as a result of an accident, Slater and Gordon offer Cycling UK members advice and assistance and will provide you with a Small Claims Pack to help you recover the repair costs of your bike.

Assistance when someone is claiming against you:

Where you may be at fault for an accident and someone is making a claim against you, Slater and Gordon offer Cycling UK members a Third Party Claims Pack together with advice on how to deal with a third party claim.

Cycling UK Incident Line has extensive experience in helping Cycling UK members to get compensation and rehabilitation support for their injuries following an incident, whether cycling to or from work, or out on a leisurely bike ride.

What should you do next?

For legal advice or representation call the Cycling UK Incident Line on 0330 107 1789* or contact us online.

If you’d like more information before contacting us, please visit our Cycling UK Incident Line FAQs.

Please remember when you contact us, to have your Cycling UK membership details to hand so we can verify your membership status. If you’re not a member of Cycling UK but have had a cycling accident, visit our cycling accidents page for further information on how to make a claim.

*0330 numbers are free to call if your landline or mobile phone plan includes free calls to landlines. If your phone plan doesn’t include free calls, calls will be charged at the same rate as a standard landline.

Tracey's story

Tracey was returning home from a cycle and when she was only about 10 minutes from her house, a car collided with her causing multiple injuries, including a fractured spine, broken pelvis, concussion, a broken cheek bone and a smashed elbow. She was in a coma for a week and had to spend six weeks in hospital.

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