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Don't Splash the Cash for a Happier Divorce

Don't Splash the Cash for a Happier Divorce

Try not to splash the cash, don’t be late and develop a united parenting style and you could be on the road to a happier divorce, new research has revealed.

While nearly all divorced couples try to stay on friendly terms with their ex-partners, more than half admitted to regularly arguing in front of their kids.

More than a quarter of divorced couples said they argued about their children spending time with their ex’s new partner. But by far the biggest issue was money, with nearly 40 per cent saying it was the biggest flashpoint in their post-divorce relationship.

The study of more than 1,000 divorced parents found that one in three were annoyed by their ex-spouse’s bad timekeeping.

Family law experts Slater and Gordon commissioned the research and also revealed one in five argued about presents they bought for their children, while a quarter blamed different parenting styles for starting arguments.
Computer games, what the children watch on TV and where to go on holidays were other topics that lead to conflict between divorced partners.

Lorraine Harvey, family lawyer at Slater and Gordon said: “Divorce is a stressful and difficult time for families, but couples can make it easier on themselves and their children by taking legal advice early.

“I’m not surprised that money is number one on the list of argument starters for divorced couples. But it doesn’t have to be that way if both parties treat the other with respect and understand where they stand.

“It is vital people stay calm during divorce proceedings, especially if there are children involved and issues of custody need to be considered.

“While divorce is never a happy occasion, it is possible to have a happier divorce and avoid continuous post-divorce arguments.

“Our advice is to put together a parenting plan that can help navigate some of the issues that come up during divorce proceedings and once the divorce has been granted.

“Your solicitor will also be able to advise on what’s reasonable and unreasonable and to help create an amicable relationship after the divorce.”

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