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Children’s Party Time Gets Legal

Children’s Party Time Gets Legal

The parents of 5 year-old Alex Nash were sent an invoice for £15.95 after their son failed to show up to his friend’s birthday party.

The invoice was sent by the disgruntled mother of the birthday boy after she paid upfront for her son’s classmates to attend a local ski centre. 

When Alex chose to visit Santa with his grandparents instead of attending the party, the birthday boy's mother sent Alex’s parents an invoice for the cost of the ski session, complaining they had failed to tell her Alex wouldn’t be coming. 

Dispute Resolution Lawyer Scott Burchall commented, “Whilst it’s understandable the birthday boy’s parents were upset at a no-show and annoyed they had spent £15.95, I doubt their claim would succeed in law, because there was no mutual intention to form a contract between the parents.” 

Scott Burchall is a Dispute Resolution Lawyer at Pannone, part of Slater and Gordon. 

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