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Uma Thurman in Child Arrangements Court Battle

Uma Thurman in Child Arrangements Court Battle

Uma Thurman demanded a signed contract limiting the contact her ex got with their unborn child.

According to Arpad Busson the contract outlined that his contact with their child was ‘as little as possible’.

The billionaire financier is involved in a bitter court battle with the Kill Bill actress over child contact arrangements for their four year old daughter Luna.

The couple who called off their engagement in 2014 reached a private settlement in September 2015 in which both parties were said to have compromised very little.

This settlement allowed Mr Busson time with their daughter, but, the couple have continued to argue about schooling, child contact and have been unable to resolve their issues so have gone back to court.

The judge said: “reasonable people work these things out.”

Mr Busson, 53, said: “She wanted to have a contract two weeks after she was pregnant. She wanted to have a contract – the kid, visitation, everything.

“She was never very specific about what she wanted, but she just wanted a contract with terms, for me not to be able to have Luna on weekends, further out, as little as possible.”

Uma Thurman, who has two older children with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, was cross-examined by a psychologist appointed by the court who dismissed the notion that she has a personality disorder after Mr Busson claimed she had a serious mental illness.

The 46 year old Pulp Fiction actor’s lawyer shut down questions on how she reacted to allegedly drinking alcohol in the evening whilst on Triazolam, Wellbutrin and Klonopin for depression, anxiety and insomnia.

The psychologist, Dr Weiss, did note that Uma had “some attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder”, as well as a “mild learning disability”. She also described their relationship as toxic, advising that they should not be together in front of their daughter, and noted that Mr Busson’s visits were focussed on his needs rather than his daughter’s.

The father of three, who filed a motion for temporary visitation rights to bring the matter to court, supposedly wants ten consecutive days of contact with Luna every month.

He is reportedly unable to visit his daughter in New York for more than 120 days a year because of tax reasons and is finding it hard to travel after part of his lung was removed due to a fungal infection.

The hearing continues.