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Star Wars Firm Fined £1.6 Million For Harrison Ford Injury

Star Wars Firm Fined £1.6 Million For Harrison Ford Injury

The film company behind blockbuster ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has been fined £1.6m after actor Harrison Ford was crushed by a door on set.

Ford, 74, who was reprising his starring role as Hans Solo in the film, broke two bones in his leg when the door of the Millennium Falcon spaceship fell on him like a ‘blunt guillotine’.

According to the Daily Mail, it missed his face by just millimetres and pinned him to the floor.

Disney-owned company, Foodles Production (UK) Ltd pleaded guilty to two health and safety breaches ahead of the sentencing this week at Aylesbury Crown Court.

Prosecuting, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said the force would have been similar to the weight of a small car.

Ford, who had to be airlifted to hospital following the accident at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, in 2014, required surgery to screw together the fractured tibia and fibula bones in his left leg and plastic surgery on a "deep laceration" to his left hand.

He is reported to have received a large sum in compensation.

Foodles Production (UK) Ltd said in a statement: “The safety of our cast and crew was always a top priority and we deeply regret this unfortunate on-set accident.

“The court acknowledged both the additional safety protocols that were immediately implemented, and that it was a very safe production in all other respects.”

As well as the fine of £1.6 million, the company was ordered to pay £20,861 in costs.

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