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Richard Caring: Restaurant Owner in Biggest Divorce Ever

Richard Caring: Restaurant Owner in Biggest Divorce Ever

A restaurant tycoon could lose half of his £700m assets to his ex-model wife.

Richard Caring, 68, separated from his wife of 45 years and has moved in with his new 35-year-old lover, Patricia Mondinni, with whom he now has a son, according to The Sun.

The Sun quoted a friend of the couple who said: “They had been living apart for some time before the split. He remains close to his ex but decided the time was right to move on.”

Richard has moved into a ten-bedroom gated home in North London with Patricia, meanwhile, Jacqui, 67, continues to live in their lavish marital home which has been called ‘The Versailles of Hampstead’.

Depending on how long the couple have been living apart they might be able to use this as evidence for the grounds of their divorce.

Separation with consent for a period of two years or more is accepted as one of the ‘five facts’ that can be used to prove that a marriage has broken down irretrievably.

The friend of the couple discussed what could potentially become the biggest divorce settlement in British history saying: “[Richard is] under no illusions. Splitting up and starting a new life will be costly.

“But he is so wealthy his standard of living won’t drop by a millimetre. He can afford to do what he wants.”

Mr Caring made his money in the fashion industry before investing in property and high-end restaurants such as Le Caprice and The Ivy.