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Madonna And Guy Richie Settle Child Arrangements Dispute

Madonna And Guy Richie Settle Child Arrangements Dispute

Madonna and Guy Richie’s child residency dispute has been settled out of court with Rocco Ritchie staying in London to live with his dad.

Sixteen -year-old Rocco, who was previously living with his mother in New York, went to stay with his father in London as Madonna was touring around the world in 2015.

Guy Ritchie’s attorney, Peter Bronstein, said: “The case is settled and everyone agrees that Rocco’s needs changed and he’s going to be living with his dad.”

Madonna went to court two days before Christmas when Rocco remained in London beyond the European leg of her ‘Rebel Heart’ world tour. The Manhattan court ordered that Rocco should return to New York.

However, international children law cases can be complex with different rules in different countries around the world. Ritchie’s lawyer responded saying that Rocco expressed very clearly that he did not want to return to New York and despite being ordered to return to discuss living arrangements with his Mum, Rocco stayed in London with his dad.

At a court meeting in March, Madonna’s attorney, Eleanor Alter, said Rocco was in contempt of a court order to which Richie’s lawyer replied: “He is not of an age where he can physically be compelled to come back to New York if he doesn’t want to.”

Judges in the UK and US were critical of the dispute as it could have a negative impact on Rocco.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorced in 2008. They had a shared custody agreement drawn up in a Manhattan court for their two sons Rocco, 16, and David Banda, 10.