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Pension Pot Pilot in 15 Year Divorce Battle Over Child Maintenance

Pension Pot Pilot in 15 Year Divorce Battle Over Child Maintenance

An ex-British Airways airline captain risks losing his fortune in one of Britain’s longest-ever divorce battles.

Richard Michael Edmund Wilmot is arguing that his third wife, Viki Maughan, falsified his signature on her daughter’s birth certificate and switched genetic materials in order to fool a DNA test.

The former couple, who married in 1991 and separated in the late 1990’s have been fighting over money since their divorce in 2001.

Since Mr Wilmot was proven to be the father of the child in 2000, he has paid out around £400,000 in maintenance.

The four times married pilot, has now been granted the right to mount a full appeal and will use his pension in order to fund this.
Speaking to Mr Wilmot the judge said: “This is an extremely troubling case with severe consequences for the husband and his young family.

“You’ve had 15 years to settle it… I cannot help thinking how far the money spent on this case would go towards the daughter’s university fees.”

Mr Wilmot has remarried and now has children from his fourth marriage.

He works for Turkish Airlines, owns a £500,000 listed house in Dunster, Somerset, has another home in Aldersmead, Somerset and a property on the Isle of Man.

He has been advised that continuing the case could bankrupt him but continues to attest that the girl belongs to a lover Ms Maughan was seeing in secret before their divorce and is not his child.

The airline captain wishes to block Ms Maughan’s attempt to enforce the 15-year divorce settlement and pay maintenance for the daughter, now in her teens.

The case is set to go to a three-day test case hearing.