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Family Left Homeless After Latest Tumble Dryer Fire

By Media Executive

Family Left Homeless After Latest Tumble Dryer Fire

A mother and her two children were forced to flee their home when their faulty tumble dryer caught fire.

Melissa Dooley, 34, noticed black smoke coming from the back of her Hotpoint dryer before the fire quickly spread.

Thankfully, she was able to get her three-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter to safety outside.

Ms Dooley, a health and social care student from Nottingham, has since been in contact with manufacturers Whirlpool.

It follows a spate of the company’s tumble dryers bursting into flames.

She told The Sun: “I stood outside screaming as I was watching my belongings burn away.

“I saw the black smoke coming out of front door, my bedroom window.

“I was hysterical. I didn't know what to do.

“They are playing Russian roulette with our lives.”

Whirlpool, which owns the Hotpoint, Credit and Indesit brands, is currently checking 5.3 million potentially faulty appliances after the series of its tumble dryer fires.

But despite pressure from Trading Standards to recall the machines, Whirlpool has failed to do so.

Instead, customers are waiting up to 12 weeks to have their machines registered as faulty and up to six months for repairs, according to research by Which?

The consumer watchdog has also called for Whirlpool to list all 127 affected machines, not just the model checker information currently available for Hotpoint and Indesit.

Steve Curtler, product safety manager at Electrical Safety First, said: “The best advice we can give is - until the modifications been made and the manufacturer, or the engineer working on behalf of the manufacturer has declared that it’s safe – it’s just not worth taking the risk.”

Owners are being advised to clean the filter every time before use, making sure to clean away all lint, and to never leave the machines unattended when on.