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68 Second Divorce for Nicole Appleton & Liam Gallagher

68 Second Divorce for Nicole Appleton & Liam Gallagher

All Saints singer Nicole Appleton has been granted a divorce from Liam Gallagher in just 68 seconds. 

The former Oasis vocalist and Beady Eye frontman did not contest the petition, which highlighted his adultery as the cause of the split. According to reports, the Court was presented with a signed statement from Ms Appleton, in which she claimed her former husband had fathered a child with another woman.

Rumours surfaced last year that Mr Gallagher had cheated on his wife with American journalist Liza Ghorbani. Although he had not publicly acknowledged he was her child's father, until now, he had apparently informed Ms Appleton of the news over the phone while she was on holiday in Florida. Ms Ghorbani has also launched a £2 million lawsuit for child support.

Despite this, it was Mr Gallagher's subsequent relationship with his manager Debbie Gwyther that finally put paid to his marriage. It is reported he started seeing his new girlfriend five months before he split with his ex-wife.

Speaking about her tumultuous year on Twitter, Ms Appleton wrote, "You're going to get talked about, left out, used and even lied to, but you have to decide who is worth the pain and who is not. Even the people you care about the most can walk out of your life."

The couple, who have a 12-year-old son together, were married at Old Marylebone Town Hall on Valentine's Day in 2008 and had been living in Hampstead. It is understood Ms Appleton had not stayed at the property with her former husband since first learning of his adultery in July last year.

Neither party was present at the Court for the brief hearing, yet in papers acknowledging the proceedings, Mr Gallagher replied "yes" when asked if he had been having an affair. The divorce was granted by District Judge Anne Aitken.

In the decree nisi document, she stated Ms Appleton had sufficiently proved her reasons for filing the petition and was entitled to be legally separated from her former husband, after their marriage had irreparably broken down due to his infidelity. 

By Francesca Witney