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Mesothelioma Compensation Claim Pays Six-Figure Settlement

The widow of a former Swale council worker that died of Mesothelioma has won a large compensation settlement.

Edward 'Ted' Jacobs, aged 77, died of the asbestos-related disease in November 2011. He had been told he had Mesothelioma less than a month before he passed away, according to Kent Online.

Before he died, Mr Jacobs worked with Asbestos Compensation Solicitors to establish when he might have inhaled asbestos fibres that could have caused the lung cancer. The pensioner remembered that he had worked with guttering and a material called Artex, which contained asbestos and was widely regarded as a dangerous substance.

In the later years of his career, Mr Jacobs refused to work with Artex because he thought it would harm his health after hearing about the risks of asbestos, but the damage had already been done and at that point it was likely the Sittingbourne resident had been exposed to large quantities of asbestos.

Mr Jacob's wife Anita, speaking to Kent Online, said her husband had started to experience breathing difficulties and decided to visit his doctor. It was there that concerns were raised over the possibility of lung cancer and a later biopsy confirmed that the 77-year-old had contracted Mesothelioma.

"We knew he wouldn't have very long left, but it was devastating when he passed away so soon. We didn't have any time to come to terms with his illness," Mrs Jacobs explained.

"I remember he disliked working with the asbestos gutters. He had to clean them and scrape away debris that was inside. By the end of his time at the council, he had heard about the dangers of asbestos."

After consulting with Asbestos Compensation Solicitors, Mrs Jacobs decided to press for an asbestos claim against Swale Council's former insurers, which agreed to pay the compensation settlement amount of £128,575. This money will help Mrs Jacobs to be more secure in her retirement.

Councillor Ted Wilcox, Swale council representative for performance and staffing, expressed his sympathy for Mr Jacob's family.

Asbestos diseases such as Mesothelioma have killed thousands of working people in the UK, and many thousands more will die in the future.

The Mesothelioma Act became law this year and Slater and Gordon Lawyers worked with MPs to campaign for the best deal for victims including writing amendments which were tabled in the House of Commons. For more information please visit Mesothelioma Act explained.

Slater and Gordon believe that victims of Mesothelioma are entitled to the very best care, advice, support and compensation; and we are determined they will get it. 

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