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NHS pays compensation for birth accident

NHS pays compensation for birth accident

The NHS has paid a compensation settlement to the family of a 10-year-old that suffered a brain injury because of a mistake.

Maisha Najeeb was, according to her family, a generally healthy ten-year-old with a rare issue that left arteries and veins in her brain susceptible to damage.

To establish how blood flowed around the organ and draw up a plan that would reduce the chances of the child having an aneurysm or other serious illness, doctors decided to inject a dye into her brain.

This was meant to be scanned and then reproduced for doctors to monitor but a mixup at the Great Ormond Street Hospital meant her brain was injected with glue.

As would be expected, this had a profound impact on her long term health and the girl, now 13, has been left with life-long disabilities.

The teenager now has to use a wheelchair, has lost most of her bodily and cognitive activities and "requires 24-hour care and assistance" with all tasks.

Speaking outside the court where Maisha's settlement was finalised, her dad Sadir said: "We are sad and devastated by what happened to our daughter. Her life is ruined. All her dreams have been broken.

"I hope that by bringing this case, lessons will have been learned to avoid this happening to other families. We are grateful that agreement has been reached with Great Ormond Street to ensure that Maisha's care needs are met."

Neil Block, QC for the hospital, apologised for the accident and said that if the facility could wind the clock back it would have done many things differently. 

Procedures have now been put in place at Great Ormond Street and it is hoped this will avoid a repeat of this happening again.

Judge William Birtles presiding said he hopes the money will help Maisha's family to make the 13-year-old girl's life more comfortable. A total of £2.8 million was awarded to her parents upfront, with a further £383,000 a year provided until she is 19-years-old.