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NI man sues over parade photo caption

NI man sues over parade photo caption

The nephew of a man believed to be a member of the loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) has sued a newspaper for libel.

Glenn Irvine is taking the Sunday World to court after it posted a picture of a group of men who were recording a republican parade in Belfast, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

Even though he is not in the photo, Mr Irvine said he has been libelled by the caption, which states he is among the loyalists taping the parade.

The 27-year-old insurance salesman argues this has had a massive impact on his working career and left him isolated among his largely Catholic colleagues.

Mr Irvine also stated he has no involvement in any paramilitary activities and wants the Sunday World to admit he was not among the group of men that were, in a threatening manner, recording the republican march.

"I'm opposed to anything like [the UVF], I don't get involved in anything along those lines because I work in a majority Catholic workforce," he added.

By Francesca Witney