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MK woman in libel victory

MK woman in libel victory

A woman from Milton Keynes has won a libel case that had left her 'suicidal'.

Lesley Kemp, a 55-year-old home typist, had completed a contract worth £150 for Middle East-based company Resolution Production, which is run by Kirby Kearns.

But when the firm was late in paying the sum it owed Ms Kemp, the woman took to Twitter to complain and called the delay "disgraceful", reports the Milton Keynes Citizen.

Angered by this statement, Mr Kearns launched a claim for £50,000 in compensation, as well as £50,000 in costs - something that left her feeling "suicidal".

"I was still in a very black place, to the extent that at times I was even contemplating suicide," she said.

But when the Milton Keynes Citizen reported on her case, it sparked a nationwide campaign to cover her legal costs and Mr Kearns has now dropped his libel charges.

By Francesca Witney