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Mitchell loses cost appeal in 'plebgate' libel case

Mitchell loses cost appeal in 'plebgate' libel case

Former Conservative chief whip Andrew Mitchell has lost an appeal case against the Sun newspaper that will see him have to cover significant legal fees.

Costs on both sides are expected to rise beyond £1 million and no matter who wins in the trial, Mr Mitchell will have to expend for all costs incurred.

Mr Mitchell is suing the Sun over claims it printed that he swore at police officers on Downing Street and called them plebs while he waited for them to open gates.

It has since been established that the former minister did not use this word, which is deemed a class-based insult among some communities, and a police officer was charged with misconduct in public office.

Mr Mitchell's lawyers said: "This is an unfortunate ruling for a variety of reasons, but will not affect our focus, which is on winning the libel case and vindicating our client."

By Chris Stevenson