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Gwent PC could receive six-figure compensation

Gwent PC could receive six-figure compensation
A police officer that was forced to resign after being caught on camera smashing the window of a pensioner's car could receive a six-figure compensation sum.

Mike Ballion, 42, left Gwent Police force in Wales after footage showing him repeatedly hitting the window of a driver as he pulled him over attracted around 30 million view on YouTube, according to the Free Press Series.

While Mr Ballion was not sacked, he became the butt of daily jokes and this made his day-to-day life in the force very difficult.

But now a constructive dismissal trial in Cardiff has ruled that he was wrongfully terminated and this led him to lose pension money, as well as more general earnings.

While giving evidence yesterday, Mr Ballion said: "I'm not a quitter. I wanted to stay in that job even after two years of investigations. When it became apparent they were all so callous I decided to walk away."

Posted by Chris Stevenson