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Young woman wins six-figure compensation following bus crash

Young woman wins six-figure compensation following bus crash

A young mum whose unborn daughter nearly died in a coach crash has won a compensation battle against Stagecoach.

Francesca Hope, 22, was heavily pregnant at the time of the incident and after the bus she was riding in crashed into an obstacle, she was sent flying through the air and suffered horrific injuries.

Upon arriving at the hospital Ms Hope was told she had broken her arm and ruptured her spleen, according to the Daily Record.

Such was the severity of these injuries, doctors had to deliver her unborn daughter prematurely, but she is now doing well and will be starting at school next year.

Karyn McPhee, the Slater and Gordon lawyer that represented Ms Hope, said: "Francesca sustained horrific injuries because the driver of the bus committed an act of carelessness that could have resulted in the death of her and her unborn baby."

After a four-year legal battle, Stagecoach has awarded Ms Hope a six-figure settlement and a spokesperson said the firm wants to draw a line under the case. The coach driver was fined for careless driving and no longer works for the firm.

By Chris Stevenson