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Surgeon in £4m unfair dismissal claim

Surgeon in £4m unfair dismissal claim

A surgeon that claims he was exposed to pneumonia while working in poorly maintained operating theatres is attempting to claim £4 million for unfair dismissal.

Arjuna Weerasinghe, 50, was a consultant surgeon and argued conditions in the Basildon Hospital were so poor it even caused one person to die because of a lack of equipment.

Mr Weerasinghe claims he was sacked because of he is a whistleblower and pointed out poor standards, whereas bosses at the medical institution countered this and argue the surgeon misled them about his illness, according to the Basildon Recorder.

The surgeon said: "Instruments were not always available, often had their sterility impaired and inordinate delays were routine when instruments or equipment were required during the operation."

Basildon Hospital refused to comment while the case is ongoing, but rejects Mr Weerasinghe's accusations, which also include disability discrimination and anti-whistleblowing policies.

The tribunal continues. 

By Francesca Witney