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Nuclear test soldier case goes to Commons

Nuclear test soldier case goes to Commons

A group of soldiers attempting to claim compensation for exposure to radiation resulting from nuclear tests will have their case heard in the Commons this week.

The British Nuclear Test Veterans' Association (BNTVA) has long called for the government to give its members compensation after they were told to take part in experiments near atomic weapon sites, according to the Independent.

While Ministry of Defence (MoD) claims the men were not subjected to excessive levels of fallout and were warned of the minor risks they faced, this is countered by the BNTVA, which argues its members are substantially more likely to have cancer and genetic abnormalities than the general population.

In response to the BNTVA's latest drive to get the veterans the compensation they believe is deserved, the House of Commons will debate the MoD's policy regarding reparations. 

The exact number thought to be affected by the fallout is around 25,000, although there are no specific tests showing higher rates of cancer were caused by this exposure and not other environmental factors - like alcohol consumption, smoking or diet.

By Chris Stevenson