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Fashion designer wins compensation after asbestos cancer

Fashion designer wins compensation after asbestos cancer

A fashion designer who has developed terminal mesothelioma cancer after being exposed to asbestos in her childhood has won compensation.

Caroline Wilcock, 51, grew up in Bowburn, County Durham, in a house near to an asbestos firm. 

Local residents were regularly exposed to dust emanating from the factory and it later turned out these were asbestos fibres.

But because school children in the area had no ideas of the danger of inhaling this substance, they often used lumps of asbestos that fell from passing trucks as ammunition for 'snowball' fights and threw the toxic material at each other.

Commenting on her compensation settlement, Ms Wilcock said: "I am angry that I and other children came into contact with asbestos whilst playing in our village and around our homes and feel certain that my case will not be [isolated]."

The firm that operated the Bowburn factory no longer exists but Ms Wilcock's successful claim was made against its successor.

By Francesca Witney