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Liverpool landlord seeks compensation

Liverpool landlord seeks compensation
A landlord in the Anfield area of Liverpool is seeking compensation over claims Liverpool Football Club deliberately made the area less desirable in order to force homeowners out.

Graham Jones, who owns numbers 63 and 65 of Rockfield Road, says his houses have lost value significantly since the mid-1990s, according to the Guardian.

The landlord puts this down to the local football team buying up homes and then leaving them empty in order to put others off moving in there. It is alleged they are doing this to help make room for a stadium redevelopment that would be incredibly difficult if houses remain occupied in the area.

Liverpool City Council is buying the houses the club want to be knocked down - as it is thought to be a keen supporter of any redevelopment plans that may bring thousands of jobs and millions of pounds in regeneration funds to the area.

Of the 72 houses that the football team need to be taken down in order to complete a redevelopment, only eight remain some way from an agreement to move out. Some 51 are currently owned by either housing associations, the city council or Liverpool Football Club itself.

Mr Jones and his business partner say they believe they have lost somewhere in the region of £500,000 in rental payments because of the exodus of residents in the area and could launch a legal claim in an attempt to get some of this money back.

"Anfield was your average working-class area until Liverpool began buying houses and leaving them empty because they wanted the streets knocked down," Jones commented. 

"It was dereliction by design, and the council allowed it. We've said we're not interested in their offer and we want our day in court."

Liverpool Football Club has recently announced it will pump millions into northern districts of the city in an attempt to raise its corporate social responsibility profile.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson