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Woman wins compensation lump sum after medical error

Woman wins compensation lump sum after medical error

A woman from Kidderminster has won a six figure compensation lump sum after a serious case of medical malpractice.

Donna Bowett was using surgery services provided by Alexander Hospital in Redditch for a routine operation when the malpractice occurred.

After the operation was completed by surgeons at the hospital, Ms Bowett was told she was allowed to return home, despite being in serious pain. Doctors told her that post-surgery pain was normal and that it would go away in time.

Ms Bowett, however, stayed in agonising pain for months after the operation, and begun to rapidly lose weight. When the former nurse was put into a MRI machine she began to feel an unbearable amount of pain emanating from her midriff.

Doctors booked her in for an x-ray, which, to the surprise of medical experts, showed that Ms Bowett had a seven-inch pair of forceps sewn into her by accident following the routine surgical operation three months earlier.

The woman stated that despite the removal of the forceps, she still suffers pain from where the instrument was lodged inside her, and that she had to quit her job as a nurse in favour of a less physical administrative role.

Ms Bowett said: "I remember the nurse saying, ‘Don’t worry Donna, the days of them leaving instruments inside patients are long gone’. It had never even crossed my mind."

"I am devastated that such a thing could happen. There is no excuse for it and I hope improvements are made and staff are trained to ensure nothing like this can happen to anyone else."

The Worcestershire Acute Trust, which runs the Alexander Hospital, unreservedly apologised to Ms Bowett and, after the former nurse took them to court, she was awarded a six figure compensation lump sum to pay for her physical and mental anguish, as well as lost earnings.

Medical malpractice cases often result in significant compensation claims, as patients are required to receive a high quality of standard care under NHS rules.

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Posted by Francesca Witney