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Bradford factory worker could launch compensation claim

Bradford factory worker could launch compensation claim

A Bradford factory worker whose injuries were so severe that he still faces a possible amputation of one of his legs may launch a compensation claim against his employer.

David Wain, 51, from Holmewood, suffered multiple severe injuries when a 1.5 tonne pallet of tin plates fell onto his right leg as he worked in a factory for Emballator UK in 2012.

Mr Wain was conducting his normal daily duties as a coating assistant on the day of the incident when he was told by a supervisor to use an old machine to rotate a bulk tin plate, as the newer machine was out of order because of a fault.

The worker - who had minimal training on the older machine - tried to move a stack and it subsequently fell onto him, severing three of his toes and trapping his foot against the floor.

A stack of metal plates fell onto his leg - severing three of his toes and trapping his foot against the floor.

Mr Wain was then rushed to hospital where surgeons found his sole had been partially split.

While doctors managed to reattach two of Mr Wain's toes, they were unable to re-attach his big toe.

The injuries he sustained on that day have left him unable to walk without crutches - leaving the man housebound.

Additionally, he has been told by his local hospital that his lower leg may need to be amputated to aid his long-term recovery.

Emballator UK pleaded guilty to a breach in health and safety regulations and were fined £12,000, as well as being ordered to pay £3,769 in costs.

After the hearing, Health and Safety Executive inspector Andrea Jones said: "Everyone has the right to come home from work safe and well. But David Wain suffered life-changing injuries in an incident that was preventable."

"Emballator UK Ltd failed in their duties to provide a suitable machine for turning pallets and a safe method of operation that Mr Wain could use. Manually securing the load in an open box by means of wedges or empty pallets is not a sufficiently reliable method of securing the load."

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Posted by Francesca Witney