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Ex-worker launches legal action against former employers

Ex-worker launches legal action against former employers

Matt Pullen, who had rape allegations against him dropped following a police investigation, has begun legal action against his former employers.

Mr Pullen was about to become the managing director of the UK arm of global property giant CBRE when the accusations were made, according to Property Week.

It is possible that Mr Pullen's action centres around how he stepped down following his arrest on suspicion of rape in 2012 - with some media outlets at the time reporting that the man was forced from his prospective job at CBRE - although this remains unclear.

The City of London police force confirmed yesterday (April 23rd) that no action was to be taken against Mr Pullen following the dropping of the accusation.

The cessation of legal proceedings against Mr Pullen led him to state that his faith in the British justice system had been restored and that while he had every sympathy for victims of rape and violent sexual assault, the accusation that he had ever committed a crime was "absurd".

CBRE has declined to comment and legal proceedings are ongoing.

Posted by Francesca Witney

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