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Doctor seeking £200k in libel damages from Kelvin MacKenzie

Doctor seeking £200k in libel damages from Kelvin MacKenzie

An NHS doctor is seeking compensation worth £200,000 from a well-known journalist on the grounds of libel, it has emerged.

Dr Antonio Serrano - who practices in Sussex - is pursuing substantial damages from Kelvin MacKenzie over the content of a column of his published in the Daily Mail in April last year under the heading of 'A whole year of hell, thanks to a foreign doctor'.

In this piece, the writer - who is the former editor of the Sun and a regular panellist on TV shows such as Question Time - claimed that local MP Amber Rudd had been through "living hell" while being treated by the professional.

Mr MacKenzie noted that the politician was "appalled" at the standard of care Dr Serrano provided, even though it later emerged that she had declined to comment when asked for her view by the journalist's agent.

As such, Dr Serrano is seeking a six-figure compensation sum on the basis that the article's unfounded allegations have damaged his professional reputation.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson

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